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This is a sample of the solo section from the composition "The Current" which is available on Dr. Fesmire's latest album, Abandoned Places!

Scott Smith on piano; David Lockeretz on bass; David Oromaner on drums.

"Ahead of You" is a funk composition from the album Songs Without Words. This live version features Anthony Fesmire on guitar, Dan Waddell on piano, Carl Rigoli on vibraphone, David Lockeretz on bass, and David Oromaner on drums.

"Marionettes" is from the Anthony Fesmire album Songs Without Words. It blends classically inspired themes with the driving intensity of modern rock and the improvisational spirit of jazz. Anthony Fesmire, guitar; Take Murakami, piano; Hiroyuki Harada, bass; Chris Yeoman, drums.


Find "Ahead of You" and "Marionettes" on the Anthony Fesmire album Songs Without Words (available on SpotifyApple Music, and more). "The Current" is available on the album, Abandoned Places.

Listen to the following playlist for a sampling of Anthony Fesmire's compositions from his two solo albums and three albums with Outside Pedestrian!

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