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Latest Releases

Dr. Fesmire's latest album, Abandoned Places, is now available!

Find Abandoned Places on your favorite streaming or download service!

Abandoned Places CD Baby Album Cover.png

Check out this live version of "The Quiet Road" from Abandoned Places featuring Dr. Reed Gratz on piano, Carlo Argoti and keys, David Lockeretz on bass,

and David Oromaner on drums!

Outside Pedestrian is hard at work on their fourth album due for release in fall 2024. Check out the single, "Wicked Chester", on your favorite streaming or download platform!

Outside Pedestrian's first album, Pedestrian Crossing is now available! Originally released in 1999, this album features remakes of "Southern California Highway Song" and "Northern California Highway Song". Guitarist, Dr. Anthony Fesmire, and bassist, David Lockeretz are join by Outside Pedestrian's original drummer, Steve Tashjian!

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