​​guitarist, composer, educator

"Dance", from the Outside Pedestrian album Reclaimed, plays with rhythmic accents to shift between compound and simple time. Stylistically, "Dance" blends elements of jazz and rock.

Anthony Fesmire, guitar; Reed Gratz, piano; David Lockeretz, bass; David Oromaner, drums

"Marionettes" is from the Anthony Fesmire album Songs Without Words. It blends classically inspired themes with the driving intensity of modern rock and the improvisational spirit of jazz.

Anthony Fesmire, guitar; Take Murakami, piano; Hiroyuki Harada, bass; Chris Yeoman, drums

"Tower One" from the Outside Pedestrian album Sunless City is an eclectic mix of modern afro-cuban jazz and metal.

Anthony Fesmire, guitar; David Lockeretz, bass; David Kontesz, drums

As a composer, Dr. Fesmire’s work is inseparable from his work as a guitarist.  He draws heavily on the harmonic language of jazz including advanced modal harmony, non-functional harmony, intervalic melodic writing, and other techniques, counterpoint and other formal traditions of the common practice composers, odd and mixed meter and other advanced rhythmic concepts, and the language of modern jazz improvisation, fused with a solid grasp of jazz, rock, blues, and other contemporary styles.  The following compositions are examples of his work.  


Dr. Anthony Fesmire

"I Got You" is a modern jazz ballad from the Outside Pedestrian album Reclaimed that brings together modal, tonal, and non-functional harmony with Bach inspired counterpoint.

​Anthony Fesmire, guitar; David Lockeretz, bass; David Oromaner, drums