Dr. Anthony Fesmire

"Three Daughters" by Outside Pedestrian, featuring

Dr. Anthony Fesmire, guitar; David Lockeretz, bass;

David Oromaner, drums.

More videos are available on Outside Pedestrian's YouTube channel!​​

"I'll Catch You" by John Scofield, featuring

Dr. Anthony Fesmire, guitar; David Lockeretz, bass; 

David Oromaner, drums.  Special guests: Dan Waddell, piano; Dr. Kelly Corbin, saxophone.

More videos are available on Dr. Fesmire's YouTube channel!


Dr. Fesmire is a guitarist with extensive performance experience including an appearance at the International Association of Jazz Educators Convention and the release of three CDs: Songs Without Words, featuring Hiroyuki Harada on bass, Takehiko Murikami on keyboards, and Chris Yeoman on drums; Sunless City with Outside Pedestrian, featuring David Lockeretz on bass, David Kontesz on drums, Dr. Matt Zebley on saxophone, and Joe Bagg on Hammond B-3; and Outside Pedestrian's Reclaimed with David Lockeretz on bass, David Oromaner on drums, Dr. Kelly Corbin on saxophone, and Dr. Reed Gratz on piano.  Dr. Fesmire draws influence from an eclectic group of performers and composers including Pat Metheny, John Scofield, John Petrucci, Joe Diorio, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Stravinsky, Ellington, Brahms, Miles Davis, John Coltranne, Bartok, among many others. 

​​guitarist, composer, educator