​​guitarist, composer, educator

Dr. Anthony Fesmire


Limehouse Blues: Inspired by the classic Django Reinhardt recording of Limehouse Blues, this five guitar, bass, and drums arrangement alternates between a fast gypsy jazz style swing and a tradition medium swing.

As a composer, Dr. Fesmire’s work is inseparable from his work as a guitarist.  He draws heavily on the harmonic language of jazz including advanced modal harmony, non-functional harmony, intervalic melodic writing, and other techniques, counterpoint and other formal traditions of the common practice composers, odd and mixed meter and other advanced rhythmic concepts, and the language of modern jazz improvisation, fused with a solid grasp of jazz, rock, blues, and other contemporary styles.  The following compositions are examples of his work.  Dr. Fesmire gives permission for interested musicians to perform the following compositions.  For mechanical licensing for recording rights, contact Dr. Fesmire via the contact page.


Chasse: This is an up tempo modern jazz composition; the head is played in a reggae feel and the solos are played swing.  The term "chasse" derives from the old French term "chace" which means "hunt" or "chase".  This term has two meaning in reference to this composition.  First, "chace" is the 14th century term for a musical canon, and the "A" section to the composition returns at the end of the piece in canon with the bass or saxophone, depending on instrumentation.  Second, the solo section is meant to culminate in the jazz version of a "chase" where two instruments trade solos in decreasing numbers of measures before the return of the "B" section and the conclusion of the performance. 

I Got You:  This is a jazz ballad in the modern equivalent of a rondo form.  The harmony is a combination of modal, tonal, and non-functional, and the guitar and bass parts interweave to create counterpoint.

Horizon:  This is a modern jazz composition in a pseudo Latin feel.  The harmony in primarily modal in nature, and the melody uses the interval of a 7th as the primary motivic material.

​Homeland:  This is a modern jazz-rock composition.  The overall feel of the tune and the polyrhythmic phrases are influenced by modern rock, but the harmonic language, melodic material, and sophistication of the form and harmony for improvisation, point to the influence of modern jazz.